“Question everything that is popular, and seek answers in what is not.” ― Suzy Kassem


All content on this site is property of Rameesha Ali, unless expressed otherwise. With that said, opinions, thoughts and words are my own and do not reflect on others- be it humans, animals, building, institutions and etc.

Content is sited accordingly in their posts and links (if applicable) are provided.

Commonly used terms and their definitions

Use of common Arabic or Urdu terms is pretty normal in my posts. I literally call this particular brand of language Ara-du-lish.

  • Alhumdulilah - Thank God (praise of God)
  • InshaAllah - If God wishes
  • MashaAllah - Thank God (in appreciation, joy etc)
  • JazakAllah Khair - May God reward you
  • SubhanAllah - Praise of God (usually when you see or do something amazing)
  • Aunty - not to be confused with a woman related by blood to your parents, this particular woman is part of a community that you have been forcefully requested to enter since your childhood. She can be a support or your downfall - either way, you need to be on your toes.
  • Shaba Khair - Good night
  • Astughfirulla - God forbid

Fabella - Hijabi Stories? How do I send my story?

Hijabi Stories (or fabella) is about the women and men sharing their experiences and thoughts about the hijab. Inspired by Humans of New York, this project began with wanting to understand and showcase the opinions of those around us and their opinions.

Most of these men and women have been recorded and photographed by me.

In most cases, there is an audio recording, that will be typeset. After which the blog post will be written and asked for approval from the individual. Once that is complete, it will be posted! 🙂

However, if we are unable to meet, and you would like to share your story, please feel free to send an email outlining your thoughts and etc. You are welcome to attach your image with it, and upon review it will be uploaded to the site.

The image does not need to display your face, if you would like to remain anonymous. You are welcome to be creative, send in a picture of your name in your writing, your favourite item etc.

Also, please include your instagram handle in your email so that you may be credited accordingly. If you do not wish to do that, then please include a different way.